Jeremy Allen White: Rosalía's new love interest struggles with alcoholism


'The Bear' Star undergoes weekly alcohol tests for visitation rights with his daughters, as well as attending regular AA Meetings. Rosalía has been dating him for three months. They go for walks, dinner, and smoke cigarettes in parking lots...

Jeremy Allen White and Rosalía.
Jeremy Allen White and Rosalía.SHUTTERSTOCK

El mal querer, Los Ángeles, RR... Rosalía's discography is a sort of biography of her love stories (and heartbreaks). C. Tangana embodied El mal querer, while Rauw Alejandro portrayed RR. The Catalan artist uses music as a mirror. The potential new lead in her music is one of the most acclaimed faces in cinema, 32-year-old actor Jeremy Allen White.

Their relationship was confirmed a few weeks ago by US Weekly. "They started as just friends, but recently things have become romantic," a source told the magazine. Though the pictures spoke for themselves. The first: a day out at a Los Angeles farmers' market. During their stroll, White was seen carrying various bouquets while Rosalía held a flower in her hand. There was no physical contact, but they embodied the perfect concept of a date.

The next encounter showed more intimacy. The Motomami singer and The Bear star took a break to smoke while in West Hollywood on Wednesday, November 29. In photographs obtained by TMZ, the couple was facing each other with their feet touching.

What caught the attention of the singer's fans wasn't just the confirmation of the relationship but the cigarette in her hand. Rosalía stated in her latest interview on Spanish talk show El Hormiguero that she doesn't smoke to preserve her "hummingbird" voice. Yet, this month, several pictures surfaced of the Catalan artist with a cigarette. Allen White has always been a smoker, one of the few vices he maintains after his separation from his ex-wife, Addison Timlin.

They divorced in May of this year after 10 years of relationship and five years of marriage. None of the reasons for their split were disclosed, and there were even talks of reconciliation. They were seen strolling together with their two daughters, Ezer Billie (4) and Dolores Wild (2). For some media outlets, this signaled a reunion. However, this wasn't the case: Allen White was photographed in August kissing model Ashley Moore. Even the kiss with Moore didn't complicate his relationship with Timlin. "They are separated but get along well," a source close to the couple told People magazine. "They love their daughters and spend time together. When she filed for divorce, he was upset, but things have calmed down a bit."

The only stain on their relationship revolves around Allen White's alcohol problems. People magazine revealed through documents that the actors had reached a shared custody agreement but with a crucial element: Soberlink. This device is used for alcohol monitoring and automatically sends real-time results to designated individuals. This way, the actor can see his daughters only if the tests are negative. He must take the test twice a day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays when he has custody of the girls. On Saturdays, when he's with them, he must take the test three times, and on Sundays, just once. The documents also require White to attend therapy once a week and at least two Alcoholics Anonymous meetings weekly. Failure to comply would result in losing shared custody.

Despite all this, apparently, the couple didn't end on bad terms. But due to White's work circumstances, it's Timlin who mostly takes care of their daughters. One day, she poured her heart out on Instagram about the challenges of single motherhood. "Being a single mother isn't how I imagined it," she wrote alongside a photo with Ezer and Dolores.

Allen White's ex continued, "It's freaking hard. It's being covered in crap, crying on the floor, getting kicked in the shins, screaming without any loud sound coming out. It's not the natural order of things (...) It's very painful. Doing it alone has given me more strength, more empathy, and more tears than anything else in my life." Since their breakup announcement, Jeremy Allen White's personal life has become news, with his images alongside Rosalía making waves worldwide.