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Geri Halliwell 'in floods of tears' over allegations against her husband Christian Horner


The former Spice Girl will stand by the Team Principal of Red Bull Racing, a source claims

Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner at the Circuit de Monaco in 2022.
Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner at the Circuit de Monaco in 2022.SHUTTERSTOCK

Publicly, Geri Halliwell (51) has always been cheerful, energetic, and fun-loving. But today, according to British tabloids, she is said to be "devastated"... and the culprit would be her husband, former racing driver and current Team Principal of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team, Christian Horner (50). Various media outlets report that an employee has accused the executive of "exhibiting inappropriate and manipulative behavior."

Until this Tuesday, there was little information about the allegation. However, now the German magazine Bild and the English newspaper The Times claim that the employee, who allegedly had a close relationship with Horner, received "an intimate image on her phone". So far, Red Bull has neither confirmed nor denied the nature of the accusation. Nonetheless, they have disclosed that they are investigating it.

"An independent investigation into the latest allegations is underway. It is being conducted by an external independent investigative lawyer and will be completed as soon as possible," Red Bull GmbH stated in an official communication published on the German website Motorsport-Total. On the other hand, rumors are circulating online that the company has suggested to Horner to "resign" to avoid a major scandal. But he has not agreed to it.

Horner would deny having had any inappropriate behavior with the complainant. "I categorically deny these accusations," the former champion reportedly said in a meeting held this Monday in London. However, this wouldn't alleviate the stress for his wife. According to the Daily Mail, the singer hopes the allegations aren't true, but she can't help but fear the worst. Nonetheless, she will stand by her husband publicly if necessary.

"She is going to stand by him," internal sources told the well-known outlet. On the other hand, The Sun indicates that Halliwell spends her days "in floods of tears" while trying to shield her children Bluebell and Monty from the scandal. For now, the former Spice Girl has not commented on the matter.