Noel Gallagher reveals the cost of his divorce from Sara MacDonald


The former Oasis member ended his marriage to the Scottish publicist in January 2023

Noel Gallagher and Sara MacDonald at The Q Awards 2018 in London.
Noel Gallagher and Sara MacDonald at The Q Awards 2018 in London.SHUTTERSTOCK

Renowned as one of the enfant terribles of British music, Noel Gallagher (56) has once again made headlines by speaking candidly about his divorce. Recently, the Oasis member, along with his brother Liam, broke his silence on Matt Morgan's Patreon podcast. The Daily Mail reported his statements, shedding light on his second wife, Sara MacDonald, whom he met at the Ibiza nightclub Space in 2000.

At that time, the British artist was still married to Meg Matthews, with whom he had a daughter, Anaïs (23). Adultery led to the breakdown of that marriage and, upon their divorce, Noel decided to settle down with the Scottish publicist, with whom he later had two more children, Donovan Rory (16) and Sonny Patrick (13). However, their marriage ended in January 2023. Notoriously private about his personal life, the musician revealed that one of the main reasons for straining their relationship was the COVID lockdown. Of course, his extravagant parties played a role too.

Securing the divorce settlement was both challenging and financially draining for Noel, reducing his fortune from $70 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His ex-wife received $25 million plus the family mansion worth $8 million in the English county of Hampshire. During the interview, the Wonderwall singer sarcastically mentioned that his bachelor life in London allows him to casually bike past his ex-wife's house, saying, "I can ride up and go all the way to King's Cross and down to the canal on Longfield Road."

True to his rebellious nature, he confessed, "When I pass by the house, I wave and say, 'You can't take this away from me!'" referring to his bicycle and the possessions the publicist took after their separation. Before finding a permanent residence, Noel lived for a year at the legendary Claridge's Hotel in London, where he paid £2,500 per night.