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Bad Bunny would have pursued a career as a chef if he had failed to break into the music industry


He's revealed his back-up plan would have been to carve out a career in the culinary arts

Bad Bunny.
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The 29-year-old rapper/singerBad Bunny always dreamed of making it big as a musician, but he's revealed his back-up plan would have been to carve out a career in the culinary arts because he loves the creativity of coming up with new dishes.

In a chat with actor Benicio Del Toro for Interview magazine, he explained: "If I wasn't going anywhere with my music, I was going to work in the culinary arts. I saw cooking as something creative because sure, there are recipes, but there's also the opportunity to craft your own dishes, to create your own flavour".

Bad Bunny - real name Benito Ocasio - insisted he always wanted to work in music but he was determined to get a proper education by going to college just in case his plan didn't work out.

He explained: "I actually dreamed so much about having this career. I'd come home from school and go straight to the computer, making beats and learning to record my own music... But, obviously, I had to be a realist. I wasn't going to go be lazy thinking that I'd get everything I wanted, so I went to college. I had my job [bagging groceries at Econo] to at least pay for gas".

He went on to reveal he keeps himself "grounded" by surrounding himself by friends he's known all his life - and even takes them all out on tour with him.

The rap star added: "Most of the people who work with me in my day-to-day life. my personal crew, they're friends from high school and from childhood. My blood brothers. I've always been a firm believer that you can have the world, but if you don't have someone to share it with, you don't feel so cool".