Julia Fox has come out as a lesbian


She said she would never date a man again.

Julia Fox at the 2022 Independent Film Spirit Awards
Julia Fox at the 2022 Independent Film Spirit AwardsShutterstock

The 34-year-old actress attained global fame when she struck up a brief relationship with rap star Kanye West, 47, for a matter of weeks in early 2022 following his split from Kim Kardashian but when a video by comedienne Gracin - who posts on the platform as @emgwaciedawgie - went viral on TikTok, she used the opportunity to make the announcement.

In the viral TikTok, Gracin said: "I love when I see a lesbian with their boyfriend. It's like 'Aww, you hate that man. You literally hate him."

In response, the 'Uncut Gems' - who has three-year-old son Valentino with her former husband Peter Artemiev - gave a brief response where she noted that she could relate to the sentiment in the clip and claimed that she will never have a boyfriend again.

She said: "Hey, that was me. I was that lesbian. So sorry, boys. Um, won't happen again."

Julia recently admitted that she has often struggled with her confidence and didn't believe others when they said she could achieve things.

Speaking to Variety about her struggles, Julia shared: "I always had people telling me that I could do so much more and I didn't have that same level of confidence.

"Like everyone around me was always like, 'You could be a writer, you should write a book about your life, you could be a movie star,' and I was just like, 'You guys are crazy.' Like I definitely did not have the self-esteem to even see that for myself.

"I guess always saw myself in the art world in some way, but I had a very myopic view of what the art world meant.

"I definitely did not picture it being on this very large scale with the world as a stage."