Don't ask Cher what she thinks about aging (or 'Believe' turning 25)


In a new interview with 'Today', the pop legend joked about the song's anniversary and the struggles of aging

Cher, on the red carpet in Los Angeles last April.
Cher, on the red carpet in Los Angeles last April.SHUTTERSTOCK

Can you believe it? Cher's smash 1998 album Believe, and its timeless title track turn 25 this year. Don't worry — she can't either.

Asked about the megahit's anniversary in a new interview on Today, the singer had trouble accepting "how amazing" it is that the song has reached this milestone.

"It's not that amazing, OK? Pisses me — it pisses the f**k out of me. And you can't put that out," she said, drawing laughter during the interview that aired November 28.

Believe spent four weeks at No.1 after its release on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and netted Cher her sole Grammy Award, for Best Dance Recording. The anthem was also nominated for Record of the Year, while the album of the same name was nominated for Album of the Year.

The idea that so much time has passed doesn't exactly sit well with Cher, 77.

"So you and age, you're not friends?" Today's Harry Smith asked her. "No. My mother didn't mind. But I do. I hate it," she responded. The singer's mom, Georgia Holt, died at 96 in December 2022.

And when Harry revealed he struggled with turning 70, Cher had the perfect comeback. "I'd give anything to be 70 again," she said, laughing.

"It's very difficult because I've lived too long, and I've done too many things," she admitted. "And so it would have to be, like, an encyclopedia, truthfully."