Tate McRae 'got bored of writing sad songs' and 'being depressing'


The 20-year-old Canadian singer and dancer just dropped her sophomore album 'Think Later'

Tate McRae attends Bloomingdale's 150th Anniversary in 2022.
Tate McRae attends Bloomingdale's 150th Anniversary in 2022.SHUTTERSTOCK

Tate McRae grew "bored" of writing sad songs.

The 20-year-old star admits that some of her early music was actually quite "depressing" — but her approach has changed over recent months.

The Canadian dancer and singer — who released her second studio album Think Later on Friday (December 8) — told Variety: "I was like, god, writing sad songs and being depressing, no one has ever seen a different side of me.

"All they've seen is victim, depressed Tate. Sometimes you grow up and things change and I got bored of it. So I'm like, I want to switch this up, but it feels perfect because I think it's fun to take a jab at yourself sometimes and your older self."

The Greedy hitmaker — who is set to embark on a world tour in 2024 — insisted that success hasn't come easily to her: "I'm like, I've been grinding since 13 years old! I'm probably the furthest thing from an industry plant for how long I've been doing this."

Tate also revealed that she's determined to be in full control of her own career. "If you're not hands-on, someone else is going to have to be hands-on," she explained.

"I don't want to not have a say in any part of this. I want to be on every phone call, I want to be on every creative meeting, I want to be the one giving all the ideas for these music videos. And also because I have fun doing it. I just genuinely love it."