Top 10 foreign films of 2023: from 'The Zone of Interest' to 'Rotting in the Sun'


Jonathan Glazer, Christopher McQuarrie, Justien Triet, Yorgos Lanthimos, Sebastian Silva or Greta Gerwig. These are the directors who lit up the big screen this year

Top 10 foreign films of 2023: from 'The Zone of Interest' to 'Rotting in the Sun'

1. The Zone of Interest, by Jonathan Glazer

Jonathan Glazer's adaptation from Martin Amis' novel delves into life at Auschwitz, painting a serene yet haunting picture. Sandra Huller's stellar portrayal highlights the eerie tranquility amidst horror. This narrative bravely uncovers the unseen, revealing how a museum's sanitized horror mirrors the horror itself — a thought-provoking conclusion and a promising start to a new year.

2. Killers of the Flower Moon, by Martin Scorsese

Another Scorsese masterpiece! This film dives into the Western genre, honoring and questioning its conventions. Through its three-hour journey, it reveals raw beauty, elegant contradictions, and a poignant cruelty, all wrapped in dignity and raw honesty.

3. Anatomy of a Fall, by Justine Triet

This film meticulously dissects relationships and the elusive quest for truth within a courtroom drama. Anatomy of a Fall navigates a hypnotic labyrinth, both captivating and slightly unsettling. With an exceptional script and Sandra Hüller's powerhouse performance, it challenges our perceptions of reality, leaving a lingering sense of unease.

4. Poor Things, by Yorgos Lanthimos

Lanthimos' latest work is a bold exploration of sexuality, not in the typical sense but in its liberating form. Drawing from Alasdair Gray's novel, the film reimagines the Frankenstein myth, creating not a monster but a liberated woman. Guided by Emma Stone's brilliance, it's a gothic tale both precise and dazzling.

5. Past Lives, by Celine Song

Past Lives defies the typical 'hype' critique, delving into time through the lives of former lovers. It's not about time as a theme but about time using the film to make its presence felt — a grand, beautiful, and profoundly melancholic experience.

6. Fallen Leaves, by Aki Kaurismaki

Fallen Leaves embodies Aki Kaurismaki's essence — a masterpiece in stillness, tragic hilarity, and raw beauty. It's a cinematic marvel in its simplicity, reminiscent of Buster Keaton's style.

7. Oppenheimer, by Christopher Nolan

Nolan's film is a paradox — an intimate portrayal set against the backdrop of the first atomic bomb explosion. It's both introspective and a grand spectacle, ambitious and magnetic — a truly compelling creation.

8. Rotting in the Sun, by Sebastián Silva

Silva's film challenges societal norms through witty narratives, exploring social commentary, class differences, and the quirks of social media. It's tart, occasionally humorous, always unapologetic — a salute to artistic freedom.

9. Barbie, by Greta Gerwig

Yes, Barbie. Gerwig's film transforms a sexist icon into a feminist emblem. With Ryan Gosling's Ken stealing the spotlight, it's a testament to Gerwig's audacity and creativity.

10. Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One, by Christopher McQuarrie

The seventh instalment of Mission Impossible delivers unparalleled entertainment. It's the extraordinary made real, a testament to Tom Cruise's perpetual vitality both on and off-screen.