The Last Dinner Party reveal which famous rapper they want to feature on their track Big Dog


The indie pop group have just dropped their debut studio album 'Prelude to Ecstasy' to acclaim

The Last Dinner Party.
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The Last Dinner Party would love to get Snoop Dogg on their song Big Dog.

The unreleased song is quickly becoming a fan-favourite at their live shows, and now the indie pop group — comprising Abigail Morris, Georgia Davies, Lizzie Mayland, Aurora Nishevci, and Emily Roberts — have revealed they are hoping to bag a verse from the Gin and Juice rapper.

Speaking to the Daily Star's Wired column, Abigail said: "We've talked about having Snoop Dogg on a verse. Big Dog is a cursed Nine Inch Nails-meets-Tom Waits situation of a song. We want Snoop to do a verse on that."

The girls would also love to work with cyber-pop stars Charli XCX or Caroline Polachek

Abigail continued: "It's hard to think about having someone else in our songs, as there are already five of us to work with. But we'd love to have someone like Charli XCX or Caroline Polachek with us, so that we could go cyber."

The band — who won the Rising Star BRIT Award and BBC Sound of 2024 poll — released their debut studio album, Prelude to Ecstasy, on Friday (February 2), to acclaim.

And they've already received career advice from the likes of Courtney Love and Florence Welch.

The band had to come up with a radio-friendly version of Nothing Matters and they had some help from the Hole star as they agonised over the change.

Abigail told Music Week magazine: "We met her at The Great Escape [festival] and at the time we were in agony over what on earth we were going to use instead of [the F-word] because that's the whole point.

"After the show she stormed up the dressing room stairs saying, 'I've got it!' She had an empty packet of painkillers and she'd scrawled 'punch' on there.

"She was kinda pitching to us. We were like, 'Yeah, thanks!' We appreciated her passion."

Abigail added of the Florence + the Machine star: "Florence Welch was someone we spoke to who really made an impact on us.

"She has an almost identical story to us. She got signed at the same age we did, to the same label and has a similar approach to art and music in the sense of world-building and storytelling.

"She was just so wise and kind and generous. She's someone that we really look up to and she's a really wonderful person to have on our side."