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'Livin' the dream': Travis Kelce thrilled with how life has turned out


Travis Kelce's younger self could never have "fathomed" his life now but he is "livin' the dream".

President Joe Biden (C) speaks with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce (R).
President Joe Biden (C) speaks with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce (R).AP

Travis Kelce's younger self could never have "fathomed" his life now.

The Kansas City Chiefs player has been in the headlines thanks to his relationship with Taylor Swift, and he's embraced a wide range of new opportunities in his professional life, inclding his first acting role in upcoming horror series 'Grotesquerie' and presenting 'Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity?' and he's amazed at the turns his path has taken.

He told 'Good Morning America': "I can't really say that I had that much of a vision on where I was gonna be, especially off the field.

"So I don't think I could even fathom where I'm at right now in life."

Travis credits his "beautiful" family and friends for helping him stay grounded.

He said: "When you have good family and friends around you, it makes that aspect of life that much easier.

" I have such a beautiful family... And I've always been a very grounded guy.

"You know, it might not come off like that when I'm playing football...but off the field, I just wanna be a genuine person. Somebody that seems very relatable...if anybody asks me for a picture and it's just not the moment to take a picture, you know, I'll have a conversation with you."

Despite the many opportunities coming his way, the 34-year-old sportsman insisted he is just focused on the present, rather than any long-term goals, but he really is "livin' the dream".

He said: "I'm so in the present, man. Just being present during the now is something I really pride myself on.

"And I try not to get too far down the road because you just never know what opportunities are gonna present themselves. So I know I got a 2024 football season coming up that I'm pretty fired up about.

"I'm so fortunate and so grateful [for] everything that's come my way in life.

"I feel like I'm on top of the mountain, even after winning' the Super Bowl and having' the off-season that I'm having. And just looking forward to what's next in life, man...I'm so grateful. So appre