How to style knitted trousers this winter


Knitted trousers are a must-have for A/W. Unsure how to style them? Don't worry, we've got plenty of looks for you to choose from

How to style knitted trousers this winter

Alright, let's talk winter style essentials! Sure, denim or tailored trousers are a must for those chilly days, but what about those casual, laid-back days when comfort reigns supreme? Enter knitted trousers, the unsung heroes of winter wardrobes!

So, the fashion gurus at El Estilario are dropping some knowledge on how to style these babies. "If they're on the baggy side, think jogger style! Pair them with sneakers, a crisp white shirt, and maybe throw on a furry gilet or a sleek V-neck knit sweater. Now, if you've got the palazzo style, go for heels. And they are flared, square-heeled pumps, a men's shirt, and a leather jacket will do the trick," they say.

Now that you've got some tips on how to wear them, we've rounded up a few influencer looks for you to steal ideas from.

Knitted trousers and maxi coats, the coziest combo

Knitted trousers? Check. But sometimes, you need that extra warmth. For those extra cold days, take a leaf out of Emelie Lindmark's book and team them with a maxi coat and a fluffy sweater.

How about a matching set?

Perhaps the easiest way to wear knitted trousers is as part of a matching set. "The comfy style is sticking around but now it's not just for casual home wear. We're talking street-ready. Elevate it with chic accessories like clutch bags or blazers," say the style experts at My Cool Closet. Do as content creator Carlota Weber does and add a splash of color to your wardrobe with a matching set.

Pair your knitted trousers with a blazer

If you like to mix and match, combine the casual feel of knitted trousers with the sophistication of a blazer. Influencer Yasmin Devonport gave a lesson in originality by wearing her ribbed trousers with a blazer, both pieces in a striking lime green colour.

There's nothing better than knitted trousers with a jumper

Simple but effective. That's how we would describe Josefine Haaning Jensen's look, pairing different shades of gray to create the ultimate casual outfit.

Sweater vests & sneakers

Marta Pombo's got it sorted: knitted trousers, a matching vest, and comfy sneakers. "For a low-key look, pair a knit vest with cotton tees or thin sweaters in neutral tones like white, black, or gray," suggest the folks at Josep Pons School of Styling.

Try a western look with cowboy boots

When it comes to fashionable footwear in 2023, cowboy boots are a must. Influencer Halley Elefante, known on social media as The Salty Blonde, paired hers with knitted trousers and an oversized shirt. "Country style is back stronger than ever and in different versions. My advice? Get a pair that suits your style. Traditional? Go for neutral tones. Feeling bold? Grab a special print", advises image consultant Rocío Parrilla.

Try your trousers with a cut-out top

Content creator Lucía Bárcena is nailing the vibrant look with striped knitted trousers and a green cut-out top, finished off with those cowboy boots again. "Flattering, unique, and endlessly versatile, the cut-out trend is the star of the show. You'll find it in all sorts of garments: on long top sleeves, necklines, sides of dresses, and even on high-waisted trousers," reveal the staff at Josep Pons School of Styling.

How about a stylish sweatshirt?

Want to stay cozy yet stylish? Alison Toby's got you covered with a beige knitted trouser paired with a funky sweatshirt. Comfort meets fashion goals, right?