The 30 hottest Christmas and holiday nails to try in 2023


Looking for inspo for your festive manicure? Check out our handpicked collection of designs for this holiday season ranging from the classic French tips to Hailey Bieber's glazed donut nails

The 30 hottest Christmas and holiday nails to try in 2023

The festive season is finally here! There are countless ways to get into the holiday spirit, be that decorating your Christmas tree or watching your favorite holiday movie on repeat. Another way of feeling the festive cheer, however, is by trying out a new nail design. From glitter polish and glazed donut to candy cane stripes and inverted French manicures, the options are endless! Here are some of our favorites for the holidays:

White nails

If you're looking for Christmas nails that go with everything, but still have that wintry feel, this white design is just what you need.

Gold accents

In keeping with your usual color scheme for Christmas decorations, you could choose an elegant manicure with gold accents.

Short, natural nails

Having short nails doesn't mean compromising on an intricate Christmas manicure. This design with lights, holly and snowflake patterns is the perfect option.

Sparkles galore

If sequined dresses are a Christmas staple, so too are silver glitter manicures, like this design by B & N Hair & Nails houz.

Blending plain and colorful acrylics

Acrylic nails offer added durability and can be flaunted this Christmas with designs like this snowflake one, blending trending colors with more natural finishes.

Forest green, the color of the season

One of the most popular tones for elegant nails is forest green. Embrace the trend this Christmas with a beautiful design like this one shared by Clauu Nails on Instagram.

Gels with festive nail art

Immerse yourself entirely in the Christmas spirit by not only creating your own decorations but also adorning your nails with an elegant, Christmas-themed proposal — think reindeers, snowflakes, gifts — anything festive.

Glazed donut

Hailey Bieber popularized this pearly effect manicure that lends sophistication to your hands. Glazed nails will be a hit this Christmas wherever you go.


For a manicure featuring stones that remains elegant, these Christmas nails are a must-see. This design combines two trendy shades: green and gold.

Square, two-tone manicure

Blending green and red in such an elegant and beautiful design is an ideal choice for women of all ages. Opting for square-shaped nails ensures a guaranteed success.

American manicure

The American manicure, known for its natural elegance, is also suitable for Christmas. It's a discreet design that complements any look and can be worn before, during, and after the festivities.

Red, a timeless classic

Red nails are a classic for the autumn-winter season and a staple for Christmas. Whether it's a French style or a plain design, you'll hit the mark with red nails.

Transparent nails: this season's trend

Among the latest manicure trends are transparent nails adorned with Christmas motifs. It's a way to break from your classic style without sacrificing elegance.

If you're not a fan of Christmas, these nails are for you

The Grinch, the Christmas-hating elf, can represent your mood through a manicure as original and elegant as this one spotted from Patricia López. Your nails won't go unnoticed.

Short, pastel nails

Pastel tones have taken over via techniques like colored French tips. Yet, they can also be part of an elegant Christmas design, much like the proposal from Nails El Salvador.

3D nail art on acrylics

If you seek standout nails, go for this intricate design featuring a raised snowman. It's a unique yet very elegant manicure.

Glitter ombré

If you want a fashionable, elegant, and Christmassy manicure at home, opt for this simple design. A natural tone base with a touch of golden glitter will give you perfect nails.

Inverted French manicure with a sparkly touch

The French manicure never goes out of style, especially if reinvented like the upside-down French nails. Wear them in silver tones this Christmas for that perfect festive touch.

Black nails

If latte-colored manicures are autumn trends, black or dark-toned nails will rule during Christmas. Especially if you choose polishes with a glossy finish like these from Mimat.

Christmas tree

Elegance, simplicity, and trendiness define these Christmas nail designs that you can confidently choose. Plus, it features a Christmas tree.

Festive polka dots

Dotted nails, also known as dot nails, are a 2023 trend and can have a Christmas twist. Charlotte Knight demonstrates this with a French manicure outlined in silver glitter and adorned with dots in the typical holiday colors: red, white, and green.

Sweet like candy (canes)

Candy canes are another typical motif for these festivities and can feature in elegant nail designs. Take inspiration from Anna, who has painted them in red and white on a pastel blue base.

For the starry winter nights...

Renowned manicurist Betina Goldstein is behind these Christmas nails we adore. She's drawn golden stars on a silver base. The metallic finish will make you shine during these holidays.

Double French tips

The double French manicure is a variation of this classic trend that you can try for Christmas to elevate the elegance of your nails. Drawing two lines instead of one on a nude base, like this idea from Mateja Novakovic with silver metallic stripes, can be your inspiration.

Red, green and gold hearts

Christmas is a time to show love to our dear ones. Do it with a heart-themed manicure like this one from Samantha Rose. French tips in natural hues with red, white, and green heart designs will do the trick.


This festive season, replicate Kambria Lunt's idea, who created a Christmas manicure with mistletoe branches. Using glittery red for some nails achieves an elegant and original look.

Cable knit, for the coziest winter nails

Sweater nails imitate the texture of this garment, perfect for winter and Christmas. You can copy Grace Prows' design, in matte green with snowflake and holly branch drawings.


For an original and elegant festive manicure, take a cue from Hang Nguyen. On a natural base, paint baubles in blue, gold, green, and silver shades with sparkles. Ideal for making a statement.

Aura nails, a 'must' for this season

Aura nails, trending in 2023, resemble ombré nails, known for their gradient effect. However, in this trend, the fading occurs in the middle of the nail for a striking contrast. Show them off at Christmas with a design like Melanie Graves' in silver and pink tones.

Mismatched nails

Mismatched nails feature a different design on each nail, like this one by Mady that you can rock this Christmas. Mix green with red and white, incorporating stripes and candy cane patterns.