Walking for weight loss: 7 tips to burn fat and tone up


There is an easier way to lose weight than following a strict diet or hitting the gym, but not any walk will do

A man runs past a woman walking in the park.
A man runs past a woman walking in the park.SHUTTERSTOCK

If you're looking to lose weight without committing to a strict diet or spending hours at the gym, there are alternative methods that don't require as much effort. The simplest of them all? Walking. Often underrated due to its humdrum nature, walking can actually be an enjoyable way to shed pounds. But not any stroll will do; there are certain rules to follow for the best results.

How much should you walk per day to lose weight?

Personal trainer and nutrition expert Oswal Candela suggests on his YouTube channel that to lose weight, aim for at least an hour of walking daily, which roughly translates to 10,000 steps. "If you walk every day, regardless of your diet or workout plan, you'll burn an extra 300 calories," he adds.

When does start burning fat while walking?

César Bustos, a Sports Science graduate, emphasizes that the key to losing weight by walking lies in intensity and duration. He suggests aiming for a pace of 100 steps per minute, as advised by experts, to start burning fat while walking — though this depends on each person. Therefore, to increase energy expenditure while walking, he recommends maintaining a pace as if "you're about to miss the bus" and gradually increasing walking time.

How many pounds can you lose in a month by walking?

Weight loss depends on several factors, such as age, gender, health, or physical fitness. However, if you walk for an hour a day at a good pace you can lose about one kilogram per month. Combining this activity with a healthy diet can yield better results.

What happens if I walk for two hours every day?

Walking for two hours at a brisk pace will burn around 600 calories. If you do this every day, your energy expenditure will skyrocket. The experts at Axa's health department also point out that you will tone your muscles, reduce inflammation and the risk of suffering chronic diseases and improve your rest, mood and immune system, among other advantages.

Seven tips for burning fat while walking

If you want to start losing weight without the need to follow convoluted workout plans, here are seven tips for burning fat while walking:

Control your speed: Ideally, maintain a pace of 4.8 km per hour or higher. However, keep in mind that walking isn't jogging or running, so reaching that point isn't necessary to achieve a good speed.

Walk regularly: To achieve your desired results, it's crucial to make this activity a regular habit. To lose weight, you should aim to go walking at least three times a week, for a at least an hour at a time.

Use an activity tracker: These devices are perfect if you want to lose weight by walking. Mobile applications that serve the same purpose are also suitable. They allow you to track both time and speed during walks. Additionally, they help measure heart rate and pulse.

Maintain good posture: Technique is as crucial as pace — not just for weight loss but also to prevent injuries. Keep your back straight while walking and avoid taking excessively long strides. Don't walk with your gaze fixed on the ground, and control your arm movements.

Wear appropriate clothes: The clothing and shoes that you wear during walks matter. Opt for comfortable sneakers, and breathable, cotton-based garments.

Vary your pace: Just because you need to maintain a good speed doesn't mean you have to always stick to the same pace. It's best to change intensity levels, and you can combine walking with other exercises like stair climbing.

Make the walk enjoyable: The only way to be consistent with your weight loss journey through walking is to enjoy the activity while doing it. Listen to music you love or choose your favorite spots for walks to make the experience more pleasant.