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The 'boom' of facial gymnastics against aging and stress


Stephanie Marin relieves facial muscle tension without invasive treatments at her Work Your Face studios in Barcelona and Madrid

Facade of the Madrid location, in Jorge Juan alley
Facade of the Madrid location, in Jorge Juan alleyBernardo Díaz

Pilates, yoga, CrossFit, Barre... Training time has become a sacred time in increasingly anxious and hectic lives, where we connect body and mind to indulge in well-being. But what if we proposed a similar appointment for your face?

Training the face is nothing new: there is the ancient gua sha, lovingly passed down from mothers to daughters in Japan, contributing, along with sun avoidance, to the pristine and porcelain-like Asian skin.

Today, these age-old massage techniques are very much in vogue for tightening the face while granting ourselves a few minutes of disconnection. In Madrid, the Work Your Face center - already successful in Barcelona - offers a complete facial muscle activation (starting from 40 euros per session), while the rest of the body relaxes.

With a French father and Brazilian mother, Stephanie Marin (Djibouti, Africa, November 5, 1990) is the CEO behind this project that arose from her passion for the beauty sector and traveling the world.

Despite her over eight years in the beauty industry, she had always been afraid of aesthetic medicine. Not being against neuromodulators or hyaluronic acid injections, she feared the pain and not recognizing herself in the mirror. That's why she created Work Your Face.

She explains that, despite being quite intense, some clients fall asleep during the session. "Madrid came shortly after due to the high demand we had from the capital, so we got moving and opened as soon as we found the perfect place to make it happen."

The workout consists of an active facial massage divided into four parts: warm-up, cardio, sculpting the face, and cooling down.

It is designed to activate and work the facial muscles. "Our facial gymnastics method improves circulation, oxygenation, and the production of collagen and elastin. The results are noticeable in the tissue, skin, wrinkles, and sagging," she explains.


How does it differ from facial yoga? "Facial yoga consists of exercises you do at home, facial movements and stretches to strengthen the facial muscles, but it has a very important point, you have to be religiously consistent."

According to Marin, this method achieves more benefits as the facial muscles are worked on in depth but in a passive way by a trained esthetician.

She mentions that each tool has its specific function, from the ball to the traditional rose quartz tool, which in her case is made of stainless steel. "It is naturally cold. A more hygienic material for these treatments. It smooths, drains, and cools the skin for a lifetime, like facial mushrooms, which we use in delicate areas like the eye contour."