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Brazilian influencer Sofia Valim, 19, dies after emergency liver transplant


The aspiring lawyer passed away two days after receiving the organ

Sofia Valim.

Sofia Valim, a 19-year-old Brazilian influencer and aspiring lawyer, has died due to health complications following an emergency liver transplant.

On Saturday (December 9), her father, Vitor Valim — mayor of the Brazilian municipality of Caucaia — announced her unexpected death on Instagram.

"It is with the deepest pain and sadness that I inform everyone of the passing of my beloved daughter Sofia," he wrote in a statement. "Unfortunately, her body did not survive. I thank everyone for the prayers and affection dedicated to me and my family in this moment of extreme suffering."

"I would like to ask for everyone's understanding at this time of so much pain," he added in the caption. "Wake and burial ceremonies will be limited to family only."

Two days prior to her passing (December 7), Vitor shared in another Instagram statement that Sofia had found a compatible donor and had undergone surgery.

"After following the legal procedures and joining the liver transplant queue, Sofia was able to find a donor due to the urgency of her case," her father wrote. "This morning a compatible donor was found and the surgery was carried out successfully. However, the next 48 hours will still be observation so that we can know if Sofia's body will accept the new organ."

As of yet, medics have not yet revealed the exact cause of death.

Before her death, Sofia had become a fixture on Instagram, frequently sharing workout pics, skincare tips, and travel photos with her over 100,000 followers. The teen also frequently showcased her preference for luxury brands, frequently espousing her love for Ferrari cars, according to CNN Brazil.

Along with expanding her digital footprint, Sofia also studied law, which she declared "the love of her life."

In one of her final photos before her death, posted on November 25, the social media sensation could be seen smiling with her arm raised at a Taylor Swift concert during the Brazil leg of the Eras Tour.