One person was killed in the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade gun horror


Men who tackled one of the alleged attackers to the ground was heard shouting: "We got him - we got the gun!"

Two Chiefs supporters.
Two Chiefs supporters.SHUTTERSTOCK

Two gunmen opened fire inside Union Station, Missouri, at the event attended by a million NFL fans shortly after 3.30pm on Wednesday (14.02.24) - seconds after the team including Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce, 34, and his Chiefs teammate Patrick Mahomes, 28, left the stage.

Terrifying footage captured the frantic aftermath of the shooting as the crowd ran for their lives including parents clutching children.

Figures of those wounded rose from nine to 14 then as many as 22 since the outrage, with people seen wheeled away from the chaos on stretchers by medics.

Captain Jake Becchina, a spokesman for the Kansas City Police Department, told the Kansas City Star: "At the conclusion of the rally there were shots fired west of Union Station near the garage and several people were struck.

"We need people to exit the area as quickly and safely as possible and avoid the parking garage in order to facilitate treatment of shooting victims."

Three victims were understood to have been left in critical condition, five are in in a serious condition and one had non-life-threatening injuries, according to officials.

But they admitted work was still ongoing to assess how many victims had been hurt.

Kansas City Fire Department Battalion Chief Michael Hopkins told The Daily Beast: "We're still trying to confirm all the injury statuses. Shortly after the rally ended, there was an active shooter situation to the west of Union Station. "At this time, we have a total of possibly 12 injured, we're starting to get some walk-ins from the area. Initially, we had 10 injured with 3 critical. That's kind of where we're at now.

"So, I know we have a minimum of 10 potential victims, but we're slowly getting additional walk-ins to the hospital."

Officers say they have detained two armed people and another person for more investigation and one man in a red hoodie was seen being led away in handcuffs by officers - though it is unclear whether he was involved in the shooting.

Men who tackled one of the alleged attackers to the ground was heard shouting: "We got him - we got the gun!"

Video showed horrified crowds leaping over barricades to escape gunfire.

The shooting happened on the sixth anniversary of the Parkland shooting, when 17 people were killed and 17 others were injured.

Missouri is an "open carry state" and it is possible that numerous fans in the crowd were also carrying guns.

Taylor was not at the event as she had travelled to Australia to continue her 'Eras Tour' before it started.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes said on social media he was "praying for Kansas City" and it is understood all his teammates are safe and unhurt.