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Fergie shares heartwarming update on the Queen's corgis one year after monarch's death


The Duchess of York was entrusted with Sandy and Muick's care after Her Majesty's passing in September last year

Sarah Ferguson with the late Queen's corgis Sandy and Muick.
Sarah Ferguson with the late Queen's corgis Sandy and Muick.INSTAGRAM

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has shared a lovely update on the Queen's corgis, Sandy and Muick, and shared details of a "ritual" with her furry friends inspired by the late monarch.

The 64-year-old royal — who was married to Prince Andrew from 1986 until 1996 — was, along with her ex-husband, entrusted with the care of Queen Elizabeth's corgis when she died in September 2022 and has now shared that she likes to snap a Digestive biscuit for them in the same way the late monarch would.

Speaking on UK TV show Lorraine, she said: "There's now seven dogs, five Norfolks and two corgis. The Norfolks tend to be a little territorial with the corgis. The corgis are bigger so there's a few punch-ups but they're fine. I I remember the Queen used to break a digestive biccie. She would break it like that.

"When I break it, they come running because they can remember the nose, her little hands... it's so sweet! So I sort of do that ritual and everyone gets cross with me for feeding the dogs too much!"

Meanwhile, the A Most Intriguing Lady author — who was born Sarah Ferguson — has been nicknamed Fergie since entering the public eye almost four decades ago and revealed that she doesn't mind the moniker at all.

Asked if she minds the nickname, she replied: "I like it, I like anything. Sitting downstairs, I got in very early, and some were Sarah, some were Fergie, but I don't mind. I'm still here!"

Sarah previously explained that whenever the canine companions are barking over what appears to be nothing, she believes it is because they have noticed the ghost of their former owner passing by. "I always think that when they bark at nothing, and there's no squirrels in sight, I believe it's because the Queen is passing by," she revealed to People magazine.

The royal also previously took to X — formerly known as Twitter — to share a photo of herself with the dogs, with the caption "The presents that keep on giving."